Monday, December 17, 2012

The secret to Positive Behavior!

I finished my intern I with Pre-K. I have learned so much from these kiddos and I will miss being there. I have not been able to meet my new mentor, but I have emailed her. I GOT THIRD GRADE!! YES!! The Reading Buddies went over so well with the students and my mentor loved hers. I am so happy.
My mentor told me she hoped that I learned from interning with her and that I was able to take something from being there. I did and it was an amazing experience. I learned discipline and classroom management. I completely changed my speech in her class, but it was a huge adjustment. I had to practice at it constantly. I want to give the secret to great classroom management.

My mentor did not use the happy/sad faces for discipline or stickers or even conduct marks. She uses positive reinforcement. That is it! That is the secret! It seemed at first to be weird and it was hard for me to change my speech, but I saw the pay off quickly. A plus to using positive reinforcement is it does not stress you out and the bad behaviors of the students do not get to you as much. You know that feeling of exhaustion and just wanting to give up is gone.

So, what is positive reinforcement? Positive reinforcement or positive punishment, I sometimes like to call it, is not saying “NO.” These kids hear “NO” at home every day and all day. I know because that is what I tell me own kids at home. When a student does something he/she is not supposed to do, don’t yell no or even tell them you are disappointed in them. Telling a child you are disappointed in them is like cutting their little hearts in half. These students look at you as if you are their older sister, mother, grandma, or an idol. As silly as that sounds it is true. They look up to you!

Important part of positive reinforcement is to make sure to give the students the choice to make the right behavior.  It is letting the students know they are responsible for their own self and actions. This brings in the key words “Right/Good Choice” and “Wrong/Bad Choice.” No one wants to feel like they do not have options and neither do students. This vocabulary is not learned over night and takes repetition repetition.

This leads me into, Modeling. As the teacher you need to model everything that you teach and this includes the behavior you want to the students to follow. Demonstrate the behavior you want them follow such as when you ring the bell show them what you want them to do. You can also use the students as the model. “Look at Danny, he is not talking and is listening. This is a good choice Danny. Thank you!” I find this seems to work very well. The student is getting recognition for his behavior and the others kids want the recognition too. Some bad behavior occurs because the student wants the attention so only give attention for doing good behavior.

Again, this not something that is learned over night and needs to be repeated constantly. You have to be consistent. I am not expert and this is what I have observed and implemented myself. I do like the happy/sad face and other discipline methods as well. I could implement those with positive reinforcement easily and I just might. Now that I am going to third grade I can see what type of classroom management the teacher will use. I just feel not being negative with the student is a good thing and it helps them stay positive. I want to prevent the student from shutting down or making the behavior worse. I want the students to recognize the bad behavior in a positive way and know that it is unacceptable.

This blog turned out longer than I expected. I plan to write more on it as I go through my teaching career. Perhaps make a how to book for positive reinforcement. We will see. I am also going to upload a template I am making for quick take home notes soon. I think every student should get recognized for their behavior good or bad. I do like the smiley face stamp in the take home folders, but I would love to know exactly what my child did that day. I will also explain how to use it because how do we find the time to write notes home on every child every day.

Until next time,

Monday, December 10, 2012

End of the semester!

 It’s coming to an end! The last day of my internship is coming to an end this Wednesday. I am sad to say that I will not be with my little Pre-K students anymore. I will continue to do my internship II with third grade. I am extremely excited about this. To end my last day with my Pre-K students I will be giving them reading buddies. These are teddy bears the students will get and they are to read to them. My Mommaw made them for me. I was supposed to help but she gladly did them. It helped me out since I was bombarded with the semester. In addition, I bought foam door hangers with foam Christmas stickers for an afternoon activity. I got them from Mardel for $8 and some change. What a deal!

This semester I also half made a quilt for my future classroom.  I am really happy with it. I will be adding 5 guided values (top classroom rules) for my students to always follow. That will go into the yellow blocks. I have to hand sew cut out letters for my values. I am extremely excited about finishing it.

I also went to Disney World for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun. I had a blast.

In addition, I made a book for my last lesson for my Pre-K students called “Monster Appetite.” It is so cute. It is about a monster that makes unhealthy snack choices. I am so proud of it.

I am not sure how I did all this in November. I was exhausted and I am glad I am at the end. I just need to write two papers (for intern I) and take an online final exam for my science methods class.

Until next time,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Teaching Small, Medium, & Large Lesson

      I finally taught my second big lesson for my internship. I am going to attach my lesson and the book that I used. I am also going to add the book I probably should have used. My lesson was okay. It was not basic enough for Pre-K. There are tons of things that I should of done different. With this being a new concept to the students it was a little overwhelming for them. I should have used a more basic book for the students. I should have not used partners, but I feel that the students need the practice to work with partners. Due to time and feeling like I needed to get the lesson moving, I did not pair the students like I would of wanted too. The students really never worked in pairs. If the students were already partnered up before the lesson and sat next to their partner on a daily basis, it would have worked really well. I had fun doing my lesson, but I think that I let my nerves get the best of me. I had very good criticism from my mentor and she felt the same way I did about some of the things that I should have done differently.

*Click the picture for the lesson plan. The two links to the book are right next to it. I added the basic book and the book I originally used. All the pictures are form Google Images.*

Book drawing Apple sizes small, medium, and large

Basic Book on drawing different sizes small, medium, and large

    After my lesson, I went to observe a bilingual first grade class and it was amazing!!! I could not understand half of what the teacher was saying because I do not speak any Spanish. I understand some words, but definitely not enough to completely understand anything. The teacher was so amazing that I was able to follow along with everything she was teaching. I also like how the teacher teaches Spanish in Syllabus and how the teacher teaches consonants and vowels together (Ex: Pa, Pe, Pi, Po, and Pu). Why do I not see this taught in English classes? I think this would help English students completely. Plus, the teacher was using so many hand gestures and facial expressions. Also, the teacher praised the students for getting the answer right and even when they were wrong. Just AMAZING!!!

    I have so much still to do and I need to get a lesson together to explain the Scientific Process. This will be for a 5th grade class. YIKES! I think I can do it.

Until next time,

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick Put together!

The two following are things I put together. There is a senses printable that I used for my 5 senses mini lesson. Click on the image below and you can get the pictures I used and made. I got all the pictures from Google Images!

The next print out that I have is to compare BIG and Small! I am still debating if I will use this for my comparing sizes lesson coming up. Just click the image below. All the pictures are from Google Images!

 That is all I have for this moment. I have to some how squeeze in homework before class. Almost down one paper out of three that are due in one week. Stressful for sure. Honors Initiation is this weekend. That will be fun!

Until next time,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Down Right Muddy!

   Well been overloaded with school. I have been trying to stay ahead and it has not been so easy. With Disney World quickly approaching I have to stop messing around and take advantage of all my time. I need to practice staying up late and getting up early. Ha! I am not sure if that will ever happen. I have been wanting to start back at my workouts, but when I attempt I am like crap I got to do something else. I also want time to stare at the TV without thinking too. I have to figure this out.

   What happen to me that was exciting was that I actually did Might Mud Dash. It is a 5K obstacle course that involves MUD AND MORE MUD. It was a lot of fun and I was able to do this with my sister in-law. I think this will be my new thing and my inspiration to getting back to working out. I am looking at the next big obstacles courses they have coming up in the new year to attend.

That is my daughter with her hands out. She hugged me and got covered in mud.

 This video was one of the last walls we had to endure. I did it with ease, surprisingly. The wall was covered in mud and it was very slippery. This was the great adventure I have been part of. Now it is time for school and all of the work.

 For a lesson that I will be teaching on Halloween, I am making a comparing size cut out book. I will post it as soon as I am finished. Hopefully today! I could not find any great books to compare sizes for Pre-K students. I want the students to be able to relate to the book and a lot of books I have found are not what I am looking for.

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Background Info

I wanted to briefly show what I have done in September.

Yep, everything is almost highlighted off. I hate having things not highlighted. It eats away at me. I still need to do a Special Education Resource Binder and My Education Lab. In addition, I need to come up with all my classroom rules and take my first exam for my online Geology class. A lot will carry over into October, but I am ready. This is October at this moment.

October does not look bad, but it is only the second day of October. I had slacked one weekend and it was not because I chose to. Things came up where I felt like family was more important. I still made sure I watched my TEXANS. All school work stops while they play. So, I technically lost two days out of a week and it added so much stress to getting things done. I had two papers to write, a lesson to write and teach, and another lesson to write. Sounds easy but one of the papers were 12 pages long. I am waiting on grades for all my papers and lessons. I hope they are up to my instructors standards and that I do not disappoint myself. I currently have a 3.8 something GPA and I want to get at least a 3.9 when I graduate. I want to be in at least top 10 percent of my class. What an accomplishment that would be for me and for my life.

Here is a little background of me. I am a high school dropout, I never tell people that because I am too embarrassed, and I was a teen mom (I was 16). I was kicked out of my house living on my own taking care of a baby. The old saying goes, “A baby taking care of a baby.” I ended up getting my G.E.D. when my son was 1. By 18 I got a job working for a bank and met my husband. We ended up having a daughter and I was ready to do something with my life and get out of working for a bank. I got my cosmetology license and started cutting hair. I started working at SportClips, a men’s salon, and I was making $10 an hour and I received anywhere between $5 to $10 tips per cut. I was cutting an average of 21 cuts a day. I was making descent money, but I wouldn't make much more money and I was always gone from home. I decided to go back to school and I quit working. Getting my Associates Degree was my first step and as far as I thought I would go. I started community college and I just couldn't stop. A Bachelor’s Degree seemed reachable as soon as I was done with my second semester in community college. Now that I am about to get my Bachelor’s Degree my Master’s Degree does not seem like that big of a deal or hard to obtain.

That was a little background information about me. I know a lot of Principals and Superintendents would like to know where you have graduated from and year, but I do not share my G.E.D. story. I know it does not matter anymore because I have my associates and I am about to get my Bachelor’s. I just thought this was important to write for a strange reason tonight.

Until next time,

Side note read through my blog and needed to make some much needed grammar corrections. I suck at it. lol were or was that is the questions...haha

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have not been able to blog the last couple of weeks due to it being crazy busy. I had a lot of things due the end of September. I can tell you it has been busy with keeping up with school, with my kids, and keeping up with the house work. I like being busy, but it really is taking time away from everything.

Now on to what I have done! 

I did a mini lesson over the 5 senses and it went great. I read the book “My Five Senses” by Aliki and made a poster size cartoon boy with the 5 senses labeled. The kids really like the cartoon boy. I had made the following pictures from clipart and laminated them. I used sticky tack to stick them to the poster. After reading the book and going over the poster, I demonstrated what they would be doing by using the drum as the example. I asked the students as a group, “What sense do you use when you have a drum.” The students told me you hear the drum. I then asked where I would put it on the poster. They told me by the ear. I then put students in pairs and had them discuss their picture and the sense. The students love to talk, why not give them something to talk about! The students did great with this. After some time of discussing the picture, I had one pair at a time get in front of the class and tell what their picture was and the sense you use to go along with the picture. All the students did a great job and they clearly understood the objective of this lesson.

I will figure out how to upload the 5 sense pictures or will just add them as a picture. 

If this was a full lesson, I would continue the lesson with the students drawing a picture that uses one of the senses. They did great and this was a beautiful lesson to do with my Pre-K students. I was actually TEACHING!

In science methods, I did a bottle rocket car. I have to make two more making one change.  I think I will change the size of the tires. I think this was a good activity and would love to do this in a future class.

Another thing I am working on, besides writing lessons and writing papers, is I am making a quilt with my 5 classroom rules. My Mommaw is going to help me make it. I have the pattern and the material. I just need my Mommaw to help me with making the blocks. I am super excited. The green material will be the trim around each block and the yellow blocks will be the blocks I write or sew my rules on, one rule per yellow box. The material with all the students will be the back of my quilt. I so excited and hopefully I can start on this upcoming weekend.

One more side activity I have done is making a Halloween wreath. I am not completely finished, but love it. I got the idea off of Pinterest. Love Pinterest!!

That is all for now. Crazy month ahead, but I think I will survive!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Staying Ahead!

   It has been a while since my last post and it has officially been two weeks since the beginning of the semester. WOW! I have had two full days in my Pre-K classroom and it has been amazing. I really enjoy my  mentor teacher and the kids. Each day I take several things away that I did not learn in my education classes. Management is one of them! Yes, I have taken a management class, but it does not prepare you enough. I think being in the classroom is the only way to be prepared, but I also did not get the appropriate education on classroom management because it is hard to teach. So, when I get my Masters Degree I am going to try as hard as I can and become a professor at UHCL so I can teach Management. As of right now that is the class I want to teach while being a principle. I think it is important for future teachers to be more prepared. My education has been great and UHCL has done such a great job, but there needs to be a little more enforcement in management. I think this will make a more effective teacher!!!

Lets get off of that and tell you about my first couple of weeks. Better yet let me show you my first couple of weeks.


   I try to stay very organized and you have to be with 4 classes plus adding interning it is a lot. Everything that is done is highlighted. So far I have stayed on top of things, but one missed day I can be stuck so far behind. It has been intense, but I am staying very positive because it is my last semester. I write everything down and it bugs me if it is not highlighted off. If I do not write everything down I feel like I will forget something important and I will. You have to be honest with yourself when making your calendar and doing time management. Sometimes I overload a day, but I always write in the calendar when it is due so I can see the end. Some times I will do light days of homework just to get the petty things out of the way. This will allow me to focus an entire day on the major projects regardless if they are due in a couple of days or couple weeks. This is just a sneak peak of how I keep organized. A lot more goes into, but will get into that later.

  Surprisingly, I have kept up with my kids school and the one thing that I fallen from is cooking. I need to get back into the habit of make my delicious dishes. I guess I need to go Pinterest some more recipes. I have one class online which is Geology. So far it has been ok. I wanted to take a test today so I need to really study. I like to take test before they are due because it allows me to stay ahead and with this not being a face to face class I need to show more discipline in getting things done for this class.

  This is my spill for now. I want to leave you with an activity I did in my science methods class which is "Build Your Own Scientist." There was no pattern to follow and you make it your own view of a scientist. I did not have glue so everything is held together by tape and we had to work with construction paper. My scientist is made by layering my construction paper cutouts. I think I did a swell job for doing it in roughly 10 minutes. This was my first time to make my scientist. He is not glued to the paper it just looked better for the picture. PHOTO OP!! LOL
Until next time


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here We Go!!

   I want to make sure I stay somewhat on top of my blog this semester; last semester was not so good. It is my first day of school for me and my kiddos. How exciting.

 This is my official last semester as a student/newly intern. Next semester I will be known as strictly “The Intern”. Since I passed all my state required tests I should be called “The Teacher”. Ha Ha. I really do not like the first day of class because it is all about the syllabus and introductions. I just want to know what my professor look likes, what work I have to do, and when it is due. That is it! I am a little discouraged in this morning class because I have to be in a group of 9 people and put together this source book for special needs students. The number of people in my group is not discouraging it is my grade depends on all of us to get it down the same and right. That is scary. It is like being part of an organization and I will get through it. One more thing about this morning’s class, me and another lady are the only ones in internship. Everyone else is on their first to second semester. I have not decided if this is a good thing or bad thing.  Did I mention this is my last semester?

   I woke up at 5 this morning, after yet again not sleeping at all last night, to go workout. I was dreading it, but my husband is right it will wake me up and make me feel better throughout the day. I workout better in the mornings anyways. After my descent workout my husband and I finished packing lunches and got the kids up. We all got ready pretty smoothly today and I was happy we all did. My little Emily did not want me to walk her into school today. We already had “meet the teacher” and she was ready to do this on her own. Hunter on the other hand wanted me to wait to the last possible second to drop him off. I hope he is having a good day in a new school. He is now in 5th, middle school.

  Tomorrow is the big big day. Interning begins! I cannot wait to get into my Pre-K class. I got my mentor teacher some hand sanitizer for her classroom and I am going to go buy a small thing of coffee, Splenda, and cream for the teacher’s lounge. Momma needs her coffee in the morning, especially with the little ones. Plus, it is important to contribute back. I am going to get a nice little bag to put the items in to bring. I have one more class today and that starts at 4pm. It is an ESL class at a school, which I am excited about. My internet class is already up and I already have things due. Here are things due as of today:
Internship – Analysis paper this Saturday
Chapter Notes Review - Special education class- Next Tuesday
Chapter one quiz- Geology (internet class) – Monday
This by the way are just three of my five classes for this semester.  Still have two more to go too. FUN!!! I cannot wait. It is my last semester of classes!!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting Ready for the Fall Semester!

Had my boot camp or Orientation or workshop, whatever you want to call it, yesterday. It was good. I received a whole bunch of handouts. I have all the assignments that are due for the semester for internship I. I am completely nervous. I am excited too and cannot wait until I can start teaching. After being there and hearing all they have to say I cannot wait until I am a working as a teacher. I feel as if I am a teacher already. I have all of my Texas certifications passed and I think I have gained enough knowledge, but I know I need the experience in the classroom.

I also applied to substitute for the semester. After see all the work that is required just for internship I and for science methods class, that has already posted, I am not sure if I can sub. I want to make the extra money because the family and I are all going to Disney World for Thanksgiving. It is going to be considered as our big Christmas present as well. My kids know now there is no Santa so this will work. I have not told them yet, but I need to. We wanted to make it a surprise, but Disney is going to break the bank especially with me not working. It will be extremely fun! I am taking 4 classes outside of my internship. I will be busy and have to get everything done by Thanksgiving. Everything always seems to be due the week after. That is alright though I am ready and preparing myself for the semester ahead.

I need to do one more spring clean on the house and make sure everyone has their school materials together by this weekend. That is all for now. I have to breathe now and cannot wait. 6 days from now I will be starting internship I, have a first grader, and 5th grader (middle school already ahhhh). 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing for the BEEsy semester ahead!

     I just found out what grade I will be student teaching for the next year and it is PRE-K. I am a little nervous to be honest. I thought I was going to get the upper grades to practice using the TEKS and to get an idea of what the STAAR testing would be like. I am really excited at the same time. I know I can do this and I may end up really enjoying Pre-k.
    I have been looking all over Pinterest to give me ideas that I can use for Pre-k students and I found this blog about Pre-k through 1st grade interactive journals. I love interactive journals and I am going to make a sample one to have so I can demonstrate it. Click on the picture to take you to the blog.

     I still have not gone to boot camp, but I need to start writing my philosophy of teaching and my analysis paper over teaching standards. I already started my portfolio and I still need to start my resume. I have never made a teaching resume, but ready to get it started. I just wanted to share this blog over Pre-K through 1st interactive journals.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome Back!

    It has been a while. I know I was suppose to post pictures of my TEKS in the bag. I have done it and did good. I got points deducted for only having printed pictures not actual figures. :-( I still made an A for the semester so no biggie.

    I have been on Pinterest a lot and have been tagging great ideas for my future classroom. Follow me

    It is time and I start my internship this Fall. I am so excited. I took the summer off to spend with my kids as well as to take a break. Ready to get back to it. I will be student teaching at a school just down the road from me. I have already been to this school and taught a mini lesson. It turned out really good. Me and my group taught a lesson over the stages of a caterpillar.

      I am not sure what grade level I will be student teaching, but I am not going to complain with whatever grade level I get. I do want to get the older students 3rd thru 5th just for the math, but I would love to teach first graders. I am not picky yet because I have not been able to spend a lot of time in any one grade level for a long period of time. I have a first grader and if I had a classroom with a whole bunch of students with her personality I am not sure I could do it. lol.

      I will try my hardest to keep up to date with what is going on in my student teaching. I have a boot camp for my student teaching at the end of August and will post what happens.

     Materials needed for project above:
  •    1  Bean
  •    2 pre-cut leaves
  •    1 hand held whole punch
  •    Wide bottle cleaners
  •    Markers
  •    1 pre-cut butterfly
  •    4-6 small pom pom balls
  •    Glue
  •    A poster board length paper folded into four squares.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The beginning of 2012

     I started the new semester Tuesday. My classes are going to be very time consuming, but I am ready and I know these classes will teach me a lot. I still have two classes that I have not taken. They are on Monday. I am taking social studies methods, math methods, reading and writing for e-6, ESL methods, and reading development in young children. I will talk a bit about each and what I think I will be learning in these classes, again I still have two I have not taken.

     Math methods is going to be a class that discusses how to teach math and making it engaging. I am suppose to be going to a school and teach or tutor students. I have not been to this class yet so not sure what to expect. I am assuming this is what we will be doing. I have been told already to read a chapter in my required text before class.

     In my social studies methods class, we will be go over some important history facts, TEKs, lesson plans, how to teach social studies, and going to a school to teach a lesson. I have gone to this class already and I really like the instructor. I already have an assignment and it is due next week. I have to look at k-5 TEKs and find an event or historical figure I am not familiar with and make a bag about it. I have to find I believe 5 items to represent the event or figure. I have to present it to the class and the class will guess the event or figure. I am excited about this. I have not yet picked out my figure or event.

    In my reading and writing class, I am at an elementary school, which is exciting for me. I enjoyed my first day and like the teacher. I think this class will give me back the motivation I have been missing. By being in an actual school and being around teachers is the motivation I need. Today we had to imagine our first day of school. I could of written a 5 page paper of what I think my first day would be like, well hope it would be like. I can already see my room, my students, and ideas of activities. That was a great motivational activity for me.

    In my reading development in young children class, I will be going to a school and teaching lessons and I also have to assess a child 4-6. I am going to use my daughter. I will be assessing their reading by doing running records and other forms of assessment. I have not had an opportunity to look at all the papers but I am excited about it. I asked my daughter if she would not mind if I assessed her for my school and she was thrilled. She asked me if I was a real teacher and will be going to her school to be a teacher. This made me laugh. This class will be a very busy class, but in a good way.

   In my ESL methods class, I am not too sure what to expect. I have not gone to class yet, this will be my one night class. I read the first chapter of the required text and I think the class will help to teach me how to teach ELL children. I hope so.

   So far all my classes seem to have a lot of work attached to them. Though I do not have test, so to say, I have projects and a lot of reading. I am excited about this. I feel that I learn more with projects then abc questions. This is something I should keep in mind when I start teaching. Not all learners are the same and I need to help cater to all learning styles.

   On a side note, my husband is on his two week leave for work. Who would think that a banker would need to travel and be gone so much. It is good for his career. I think right now I am just lonely and miss him. I have not done anything with my school work besides go to class. I cannot wait until he comes home next weekend. Apparently right now he will come home next weekend on a Friday and turn around and leave again that Sunday or Monday for another two weeks. With the two kids and school it is going to get harder. I need to tuck away the emotions of him being gone and focus on what I have in front of me. :-)

   I will post a picture of my bag of an event or historical figure when I have complete it. This will be my next post. Time for Houston Rockets pre-show and then game. I will get a little work done. I was going to go to the game tonight but decided it was best to stay home and work. Being responsible. lol. Until next time!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Start of a new semester!

    I am ready for the new semester to start. It will be a tough one. My husband is gone out for work couple of weeks at a time for the next few months and I have the two kiddos. I am taking 5 classes this semester and it will be a handful. 4 of my 5 classes involve me being in the classroom. This is either to observe and eventually teach a lesson or to tutor and eventually teach a lesson. I am truly excited. I have not been very motivated lately so this hopefully will motivate me. I am going to do my yearly clothes shopping and have to get all new dress clothes. That is exciting and makes for a little motivation.

    I already went and bought 4 of my classes' books and started reading one over ESL. It is very interesting. Some of the material I already know from previous classes but there is tons of new material I do not know, for instance, strategies to implement in the classroom when you have an ELL student. The book says that they do not use ESL to describe students but ELL because they may know other languages and English is not the second. Good to know!

   I know I have gained a lot of knowledge from the education I have attained so far based on already solving a scenario right. I read in the books or online about problems in the classroom and I am like it is because of this and that. I am correct. It is a good feeling. I have not picked up on the names of laws yet. I know some, do not get me wrong, but I do not know a lot and it worries me for my state test. I have to have my state test completed by the end of summer this year. Makes me nervous because I do not feel prepared at all and when will have time to study the material? I hopefully will be teacher certified by the end of summer. YEAH! That is exciting.

   My first class starts this Tuesday and my husband comes home for the weekend. I cannot wait!! For both