Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have not been able to blog the last couple of weeks due to it being crazy busy. I had a lot of things due the end of September. I can tell you it has been busy with keeping up with school, with my kids, and keeping up with the house work. I like being busy, but it really is taking time away from everything.

Now on to what I have done! 

I did a mini lesson over the 5 senses and it went great. I read the book “My Five Senses” by Aliki and made a poster size cartoon boy with the 5 senses labeled. The kids really like the cartoon boy. I had made the following pictures from clipart and laminated them. I used sticky tack to stick them to the poster. After reading the book and going over the poster, I demonstrated what they would be doing by using the drum as the example. I asked the students as a group, “What sense do you use when you have a drum.” The students told me you hear the drum. I then asked where I would put it on the poster. They told me by the ear. I then put students in pairs and had them discuss their picture and the sense. The students love to talk, why not give them something to talk about! The students did great with this. After some time of discussing the picture, I had one pair at a time get in front of the class and tell what their picture was and the sense you use to go along with the picture. All the students did a great job and they clearly understood the objective of this lesson.

I will figure out how to upload the 5 sense pictures or will just add them as a picture. 

If this was a full lesson, I would continue the lesson with the students drawing a picture that uses one of the senses. They did great and this was a beautiful lesson to do with my Pre-K students. I was actually TEACHING!

In science methods, I did a bottle rocket car. I have to make two more making one change.  I think I will change the size of the tires. I think this was a good activity and would love to do this in a future class.

Another thing I am working on, besides writing lessons and writing papers, is I am making a quilt with my 5 classroom rules. My Mommaw is going to help me make it. I have the pattern and the material. I just need my Mommaw to help me with making the blocks. I am super excited. The green material will be the trim around each block and the yellow blocks will be the blocks I write or sew my rules on, one rule per yellow box. The material with all the students will be the back of my quilt. I so excited and hopefully I can start on this upcoming weekend.

One more side activity I have done is making a Halloween wreath. I am not completely finished, but love it. I got the idea off of Pinterest. Love Pinterest!!

That is all for now. Crazy month ahead, but I think I will survive!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Staying Ahead!

   It has been a while since my last post and it has officially been two weeks since the beginning of the semester. WOW! I have had two full days in my Pre-K classroom and it has been amazing. I really enjoy my  mentor teacher and the kids. Each day I take several things away that I did not learn in my education classes. Management is one of them! Yes, I have taken a management class, but it does not prepare you enough. I think being in the classroom is the only way to be prepared, but I also did not get the appropriate education on classroom management because it is hard to teach. So, when I get my Masters Degree I am going to try as hard as I can and become a professor at UHCL so I can teach Management. As of right now that is the class I want to teach while being a principle. I think it is important for future teachers to be more prepared. My education has been great and UHCL has done such a great job, but there needs to be a little more enforcement in management. I think this will make a more effective teacher!!!

Lets get off of that and tell you about my first couple of weeks. Better yet let me show you my first couple of weeks.


   I try to stay very organized and you have to be with 4 classes plus adding interning it is a lot. Everything that is done is highlighted. So far I have stayed on top of things, but one missed day I can be stuck so far behind. It has been intense, but I am staying very positive because it is my last semester. I write everything down and it bugs me if it is not highlighted off. If I do not write everything down I feel like I will forget something important and I will. You have to be honest with yourself when making your calendar and doing time management. Sometimes I overload a day, but I always write in the calendar when it is due so I can see the end. Some times I will do light days of homework just to get the petty things out of the way. This will allow me to focus an entire day on the major projects regardless if they are due in a couple of days or couple weeks. This is just a sneak peak of how I keep organized. A lot more goes into, but will get into that later.

  Surprisingly, I have kept up with my kids school and the one thing that I fallen from is cooking. I need to get back into the habit of make my delicious dishes. I guess I need to go Pinterest some more recipes. I have one class online which is Geology. So far it has been ok. I wanted to take a test today so I need to really study. I like to take test before they are due because it allows me to stay ahead and with this not being a face to face class I need to show more discipline in getting things done for this class.

  This is my spill for now. I want to leave you with an activity I did in my science methods class which is "Build Your Own Scientist." There was no pattern to follow and you make it your own view of a scientist. I did not have glue so everything is held together by tape and we had to work with construction paper. My scientist is made by layering my construction paper cutouts. I think I did a swell job for doing it in roughly 10 minutes. This was my first time to make my scientist. He is not glued to the paper it just looked better for the picture. PHOTO OP!! LOL
Until next time