Thursday, November 1, 2012

Teaching Small, Medium, & Large Lesson

      I finally taught my second big lesson for my internship. I am going to attach my lesson and the book that I used. I am also going to add the book I probably should have used. My lesson was okay. It was not basic enough for Pre-K. There are tons of things that I should of done different. With this being a new concept to the students it was a little overwhelming for them. I should have used a more basic book for the students. I should have not used partners, but I feel that the students need the practice to work with partners. Due to time and feeling like I needed to get the lesson moving, I did not pair the students like I would of wanted too. The students really never worked in pairs. If the students were already partnered up before the lesson and sat next to their partner on a daily basis, it would have worked really well. I had fun doing my lesson, but I think that I let my nerves get the best of me. I had very good criticism from my mentor and she felt the same way I did about some of the things that I should have done differently.

*Click the picture for the lesson plan. The two links to the book are right next to it. I added the basic book and the book I originally used. All the pictures are form Google Images.*

Book drawing Apple sizes small, medium, and large

Basic Book on drawing different sizes small, medium, and large

    After my lesson, I went to observe a bilingual first grade class and it was amazing!!! I could not understand half of what the teacher was saying because I do not speak any Spanish. I understand some words, but definitely not enough to completely understand anything. The teacher was so amazing that I was able to follow along with everything she was teaching. I also like how the teacher teaches Spanish in Syllabus and how the teacher teaches consonants and vowels together (Ex: Pa, Pe, Pi, Po, and Pu). Why do I not see this taught in English classes? I think this would help English students completely. Plus, the teacher was using so many hand gestures and facial expressions. Also, the teacher praised the students for getting the answer right and even when they were wrong. Just AMAZING!!!

    I have so much still to do and I need to get a lesson together to explain the Scientific Process. This will be for a 5th grade class. YIKES! I think I can do it.

Until next time,