Monday, July 29, 2013

Decorating My First 3rd Grade Math/Science Room!

I went to my room today and did some decorating!!! It is no where finished and it is really plain and simple. I am going to end up having a lot of anchor charts, I am sure, when the students arrive. I did not take a picture of the inside of my cabinet but it is full of stuff still. I cannot wait to go back.

Now for the pictures and the #TeacherTourTuesday Instagram video.

There is tons of stuff you cannot see. The bags are full full full. 

Our district and school classroom management system.

Even 3rd graders need to be reminded. 
My number line. Cute!! I can also use these when we talk about number lines because they are  dry erasable. 

I bought an old used roller drawer thing from the Goodwill that I will put here and this will be a station. 
I tried messing with my desks, but they are so big. I really need to research what to do with these types of desk.

This is by the door and this is my resource center. I need to add the letters to the banner. I should have turned the lights on and took the picture. One of my favorite areas. 

This is my room as of today. I know that it is not #TeacherTourTuesday but I have training tomorrow and cannot go back until maybe Wednesday.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I was nominated! Thanks!!

 I got nominated for  a Liebster Award from a very creative blogger, Lessons With Coffee. To accept my nomination, I need to answer the following. This award is to promote blogs with less than 200 followers. 

(1) Link Back to the Person that Nominated You
Check out her blog. Her story about getting a job during internship II is very similar to mine and she is sooooo creative. She makes me feel like I need to do more. It is very inspiring. Also, this would be the perfect time to credit her for the idea for the first day gifts. I was able to make my own version very similar to hers. Thank you sooo much!!!
Lessons With Coffee
Lessons With Coffee
(2) Answer the Questions from your Nominator

1. Do you like your handwriting? Heck no! I think my handwriting is horrible and I am glad that I am a math and science teacher. Plus, my handwriting consists of both handwriting and cursive. I do not know where I picked it up from. Perhaps it is from taking quick notes in school. I can read it and understand it, so that is what matters.

2. Are you a get to work early, or stay after school late teacher? I want to say I am both. It is hard to get super early to work because of the kiddos, but I get there as early as possible. I do stay after late 90% of the time. It seems like my second wind comes after 3:30.

3. Talk for a second about one initiative that your school has adopted that you either loath or love. Being new to the district and to my school I am not sure of all the things the school or district has adopted. They are big on hands on teaching. They are so adamant about constantly working with students and moving around that majority of the teachers do not have desks in their room. This is very interesting to me and I am trying to get rid of mine. It is like a save haven and you can get trapped there if you are not careful. My school is given each grade team a month where they are responsible for school spirit for the entire month. Also, we are required to have 5 minutes of fun at each faculty meeting. I think it will be great. Our month is October. That is my favorite month out of the entire year.  

4. What is one new thing (or thing if you are new) that you really want to try in your classroom this year? I want to try the marble reward system for the entire class. This is where I would add marbles to a jar/plastic jar for good behavior, following instructions, etc. We use the CHAMPs system in our district and I think this will align perfectly with our classroom management. 
5. How do you handle substitutes? When I was full-time teaching, I made a detail list of what I want the sub to do and put it in order with sticky notes with notes on them as well. I am detailed detailed. I want to make a sub folder that consist of the class lists (I have two sets of kiddos), allergies, students to watch out for, schedule, teacher numbers/names for help, and of course detail notes of work. I will hopefully have everything planned before I am out. If not the folder will always be filled with the information above and I will constantly update it with review work just incase I am surprisingly out. In addition, I want there to be a routine my students know so the students know exactly what is expected of them. 

6. What is your favorite kind of candy? I am not a huge candy fan. I LOVE FOOOODD.. LOL. If I had to choose it will be between Sweet Tarts, Nerds, or strawberry Push Pops. Those are delish. I cannot decide. 

7. What is the first thing you notice about people? Weirdly, I would have to say their eyebrows. I think eyebrows are such a defined feature on your face besides your nose. Then I look for personality, especially negativity. We all have them but who shows it immediately. Such a no no. 

8.  What are you reading now and how do you like it? I am embarrassed, nothing. I am always reading and I have not picked up a book but once this summer. I am going to buy, probably tonight, a book in the series "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness. I love paper books but this will need to be Nooked so I can read it in front of the students and not be questioned. It is not a PG book. lol. I love Anne Rice and Laura K. Hamilton books and if you know them they are not young adult. This book is ranked with them based on their likeness and content. 

9. Do you have any special talents? Some people say I can sing and some say I am creative. I do not think either, but that is what I got. 

10. Is there a YOUTUBE video that you always show kids (I am selfish here and going to do You Tube time everyday...I need a play list! lol)? I have not been able to show YOUTUBE in the classroom because it has been blocked. I watch a lot and mainly it is of music vids and funny sketches from comedians. 

(3) Share 11 Random Facts About Yourself

  1. Top fact, I love cats. Almost obsessed. I follow cats on Instagram. lol
  2. I do my own nails and eyebrows. I started Gel Nailing my own nails. I bought a new color today.
  3. I love the show Weeds. My new fav....
  4. I drink A LOT of tea.
  5. I am addicted to Candy Crush.
  6. Anything Pasta or Rice I absolutely love.
  7. Its hard to fall asleep at night if I do not go to bed with my cat Chevelle.
  8.  I like to sing in the shower, who doesn't right?
  9. I really like to dance and I love to learn dances from Britney Spears. I know a few... 
  10. Britney Spears is one of my favorites. A role model not at all. There shouldn't be role models. She just really interest me. I always wonder what a day in the life of Britney is like. Heck yeah I will be her friend. A secret I always had. lol. I am lame.. haha
  11. I cannot stand certain noises. Such as, the sound of food being chewed, clipping your toe or finger nails, popping of your jaw, a dog or cat licking themselves, or indigestion noises from your throat/mouth. I get so irritated with these noises.  
(4) Nominate Five More Blogs with Less Than 200 Followers
3. CuĂ©ntame Una Historia - She was my professor and I would love to be as good as she is. Love her!!
(5) Pose Questions to Your Nominees
1. What is your favorite movie?
2. What are you most excited about for the up coming school year?
3. What are 3 secrets that no one else knows about you?
4. Who is your celebrity crush and why?
5. What would be your last meal?
6. What 3 things annoy you the most?
7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
8. What is your favorite book and promote it? 

Thank you for nominating me again Lessons With Coffee. Also, for the first day gift idea. Here is my interpretation of the gift. I used pencils instead. I hope this is okay?! 

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Changing it up and Teacher Tour Tuesday.

As you can see making changes to my Blog look. This may not stay but I like it so far.

Well, I did not decorate my room yesterday like I had planned. I did bring all of my things and shoved them into bags with me yesterday. I was the only one who was prepared to decorate. A lot of people had left after the meeting or did not show up yesterday. It is fine. Next Tuesday after a meeting I should hopefully be decorating my room. So loading back up all of my things. I went ahead and made a #TeacherTourTuesday Instagram. You can either click the Instagram link to the right or watch the video below.

Here are just pictures of my classroom bare as a babies bottom. lol. I have posted these already but here it is again for Teacher Tour Tuesday. I have desk in there now and been trying to give away all of my stuff to other teachers.

I am also going to attend two trainings this week on Wednesday and get my daughter enrolled at my school hopefully by the beginning of August. She is going into second grade. I am unsure still and a little nervous about her going to school where I work.

Is it a good idea to have your child go to your school where you work? What do you think?

It will be easier on me with getting her to school and not having to worry about her after school, but I want my own space. I am not sure how this will work. I still have time to really consider it because I am on the fence right now. Opinions are gladly wanted.

My bestie got her teaching job yesterday. Ms. Young's Corner is her blog. She is a 5th grade ELA teacher. How exciting and such a huge grade. Power to her for teacher ELA that is definitely not my area of expertise. YEAHHHHHH!!!!!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flag Bunting and Shopping!!!

I did bunting the other day and it came out sooooo cute!!! My friend had helped me make it and we had so much fun. The practice one will not fit in my room theme but is so darn adorable.

This is a summer sea type of theme. LOVE IT!!
I ended up making one for my classroom and it came out great! I want to add letters to each flag that will say RESOURCE CENTER. I am going to have an area in my room that has copies of our lessons, copies of our anchor charts we have done, and vocabulary. I am going to make one for each season. I already have my Halloween papers and I am going to make it before school starts. Here is the flags that will say RESOURCE on it.

I made the letters but have not added them because I think they are not big enough. I also saw on another bloggers website to use ribbons to tie the flags together. Here are the steps for a two layer flags:

You need glue, a ruler, ribbon, roller pin (helps spread the glue, pretty smart. Saw this on YOUTUBE),  scissors, hole puncher, and card stock colors of your choice.
Measure out your solid color triangle any size you want. This is your bottom triangle.
Make sure you mark the bottom point of your triangle because you will forget and it will be uneven if you don't because this will be your guide for all other solid color triangles. Make sure to mark each one as well. 
Measure out your smaller triangle on the back of your decorative card stock. This will be the top layer of your  flag. I trace my base triangle guide and then measure 1/2 inch all the way around for my top layer triangle. I mark the bottom point and this will be my guide for my smaller decorative top triangle. *Make sure all the prints or designs on your decorative top triangle all go the same way. 
Now just add the top triangle as even as possible on the solid bottom triangle using a light amount of glue all around. Use the roller pin to even out the glue, it works really well. *Make sure to coordinate your colors. Now whole punch the corners and tie the corners together with your ribbon of choice. Also, any letters or pictures your want to add to the flags.
The picture did not come out that great
After you tie all your flags together you and collapse them on one another and store them in a gallon bag for safe keeping.
Good Luck!! 

I also did a lot of shopping yesterday. I bought 18, 24 Crayola crayon boxes for $4.34 at Toys R Us. If you are a teacher you can buy double. YEAH!! I also found my classroom rug for $20 at Sam's club. Plus, more more more more!!!
Oh, Chevelle, the baby, had to get in this picture!
 My best friend just started her blog Ms. Young's Corner. She is full of ideas and sooooo creative. She has one entry as of today, but she will be posting like crazy as soon as she gets the hang of it . She will be just as addicted as I am. 

Speaking of addicted, unless you are living under a rock you know about this game. One guess............

Level 92 and going strong. Got my bestie addicted to it too.  I am excited for tomorrow because I am hopefully working in my classroom.

Until next time,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another Day of Preparing! Meaning SHOPPING!!

I went shopping AGAIN! One of the teacher stores here around town had a 20% sale on all teacher's merchandise today. I got a gift card from my best friend for the store and I was ready to spend it. I bought a bunch of things. So excited!!! I also received a bracelet from my mom with pencils on it. So cute! Plus, I bought me a new shirt today from the store as well.

I received a call from the team lead about having a teachers retreat on Monday. We are going to talk about what to expect for the new year as well as to hopefully do some work in our rooms. I am so excited. It was part of the reason for going today to get some more things.

I am going to get the material today or tomorrow and make banners/bunting for my room. Super excited about this. I have seen so many blogs about them and want to try it. Pictures of course will come.

I am also continuing to work on my teacher quilt. I hope to get it done by the start of school. My daughter likes to help as much as she can. Here she is with my Mommaw getting spools ready for my quilt.

Also, I wanted to tell you about iTeach5th making a teacher tour Tuesday link. This is for teacher to upload short videos of the development of their classroom. The instructions are there in the link or in the picture below.
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teacher Planner! It's Finally Here!!

I got my planner yesterday. It is so exciting. It is from Erin Condren. I have already set it and now waiting to add to it!!

Such pretty wrapping and makes for even more excitement!

OMG! Here it is. It is gorgeous! It has my name and it is sturdy.

Couldn't hold back the excitement. I am so happy. On cloud 9!!
How great does it look. I will take pictures of some of the inside as soon as I get it all finished up and ready for the first day of school. I am so excited and it is a great motivator. If you want one here is the link below! 

Erin Condren Teacher planner link here!   Or click the picture ---->

Until next time,

Monday, July 8, 2013


       I have said this before but I am the new Math and Science teacher and super excited. I have seen my room twice and have not started decorating. I am scared I will mess it up. I have not been to concern with decorating more concern with stations and interactive boards. I have been looking through Pinterest and other sites to help me figure this out. Being new is HARD because I do not know what to truly expect. When I covered for my mentor I was able to get a good idea, but it is not the same. I know the pressure. To help prepare me I went shopping. Have I done anything with the items I have bought? Nope!!

This is some things I bought at Target (books) and Lakeshore. In here, I have some borders, some station items, and since I will not have the alphabet border up, I will have a number line. I can write on it as well too. NEAT! In addition, I have mini writable number lines for the students. It can be used for stations or individual practice. The books are totally cool. The bug books are interesting and disgusting, lol. The other books are information and kid friendly. Each one for a dollar at Target, in the dollar section. WIN!!
Here is more of a find at Target. The folder box holders was a dollar and this neat bright thing is a dry eraser board. It is no thicker than a folder and is going to be useful in my classroom. I am debating if I will use it for my "Foogle" board in my room or outside my room. It is like my own Google board. "Did you know...." I want to give students a fun fact everyday, as well as they answer a question for me and I will draw 3 winners for the week. They have to do research. Just an idea. I can turn it around and use just the solid white side. So, neat I think!!!!!
Besides spending money and trying to come up with things for my room. Oh, and stocking other bloggers and Pinterest, I have been on vacation and my son turned 11. He is out of town with his grandma so the family went to see him. He is spoiled. Both of my babies are. Well and the cats (Especially, Chevelle).

Went to Incredible Pizza and not sure how he convinced daddy, but he got a new 3-D DS and a game of his choosing. Uhmm can we say expensive and oh, SPOILED!!!! 
Since,  Hunter was with his grandma out of town and Emily went to another grandma's house,  the husband and I took a big kid trip! We went to South Padre Island. We got an ocean view room at the Schlitterbahn resort and did Schlitterbahn 3days in a row. I will spare the gory picture, but the last day I sliced my toe and it was nasty and bad. Note to self and to my kids, WEAR WATER SHOES IN THE POOL AND AT SCHLITTERBAHN! We also did several grown up things. The beach, drinks, food, fireworks, and much more.....
All and all it has been a great summer so far. Getting excited about my new job and have already completed trainings. I started working out again because I have gotten Plus, my doctor told me I have high cholesterol and low B-12. So, hubs and I got a gym membership and vitamins. We are very carefully about what we eat, but we love to go out to eat for entertainment.  So, we need to cut back and be more healthy. I am way to young to have these old symptoms. 27 is not old, in fact it is super young. I have to start living healthy again.

Until next time,