Thursday, January 19, 2012

The beginning of 2012

     I started the new semester Tuesday. My classes are going to be very time consuming, but I am ready and I know these classes will teach me a lot. I still have two classes that I have not taken. They are on Monday. I am taking social studies methods, math methods, reading and writing for e-6, ESL methods, and reading development in young children. I will talk a bit about each and what I think I will be learning in these classes, again I still have two I have not taken.

     Math methods is going to be a class that discusses how to teach math and making it engaging. I am suppose to be going to a school and teach or tutor students. I have not been to this class yet so not sure what to expect. I am assuming this is what we will be doing. I have been told already to read a chapter in my required text before class.

     In my social studies methods class, we will be go over some important history facts, TEKs, lesson plans, how to teach social studies, and going to a school to teach a lesson. I have gone to this class already and I really like the instructor. I already have an assignment and it is due next week. I have to look at k-5 TEKs and find an event or historical figure I am not familiar with and make a bag about it. I have to find I believe 5 items to represent the event or figure. I have to present it to the class and the class will guess the event or figure. I am excited about this. I have not yet picked out my figure or event.

    In my reading and writing class, I am at an elementary school, which is exciting for me. I enjoyed my first day and like the teacher. I think this class will give me back the motivation I have been missing. By being in an actual school and being around teachers is the motivation I need. Today we had to imagine our first day of school. I could of written a 5 page paper of what I think my first day would be like, well hope it would be like. I can already see my room, my students, and ideas of activities. That was a great motivational activity for me.

    In my reading development in young children class, I will be going to a school and teaching lessons and I also have to assess a child 4-6. I am going to use my daughter. I will be assessing their reading by doing running records and other forms of assessment. I have not had an opportunity to look at all the papers but I am excited about it. I asked my daughter if she would not mind if I assessed her for my school and she was thrilled. She asked me if I was a real teacher and will be going to her school to be a teacher. This made me laugh. This class will be a very busy class, but in a good way.

   In my ESL methods class, I am not too sure what to expect. I have not gone to class yet, this will be my one night class. I read the first chapter of the required text and I think the class will help to teach me how to teach ELL children. I hope so.

   So far all my classes seem to have a lot of work attached to them. Though I do not have test, so to say, I have projects and a lot of reading. I am excited about this. I feel that I learn more with projects then abc questions. This is something I should keep in mind when I start teaching. Not all learners are the same and I need to help cater to all learning styles.

   On a side note, my husband is on his two week leave for work. Who would think that a banker would need to travel and be gone so much. It is good for his career. I think right now I am just lonely and miss him. I have not done anything with my school work besides go to class. I cannot wait until he comes home next weekend. Apparently right now he will come home next weekend on a Friday and turn around and leave again that Sunday or Monday for another two weeks. With the two kids and school it is going to get harder. I need to tuck away the emotions of him being gone and focus on what I have in front of me. :-)

   I will post a picture of my bag of an event or historical figure when I have complete it. This will be my next post. Time for Houston Rockets pre-show and then game. I will get a little work done. I was going to go to the game tonight but decided it was best to stay home and work. Being responsible. lol. Until next time!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Start of a new semester!

    I am ready for the new semester to start. It will be a tough one. My husband is gone out for work couple of weeks at a time for the next few months and I have the two kiddos. I am taking 5 classes this semester and it will be a handful. 4 of my 5 classes involve me being in the classroom. This is either to observe and eventually teach a lesson or to tutor and eventually teach a lesson. I am truly excited. I have not been very motivated lately so this hopefully will motivate me. I am going to do my yearly clothes shopping and have to get all new dress clothes. That is exciting and makes for a little motivation.

    I already went and bought 4 of my classes' books and started reading one over ESL. It is very interesting. Some of the material I already know from previous classes but there is tons of new material I do not know, for instance, strategies to implement in the classroom when you have an ELL student. The book says that they do not use ESL to describe students but ELL because they may know other languages and English is not the second. Good to know!

   I know I have gained a lot of knowledge from the education I have attained so far based on already solving a scenario right. I read in the books or online about problems in the classroom and I am like it is because of this and that. I am correct. It is a good feeling. I have not picked up on the names of laws yet. I know some, do not get me wrong, but I do not know a lot and it worries me for my state test. I have to have my state test completed by the end of summer this year. Makes me nervous because I do not feel prepared at all and when will have time to study the material? I hopefully will be teacher certified by the end of summer. YEAH! That is exciting.

   My first class starts this Tuesday and my husband comes home for the weekend. I cannot wait!! For both