Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick Put together!

The two following are things I put together. There is a senses printable that I used for my 5 senses mini lesson. Click on the image below and you can get the pictures I used and made. I got all the pictures from Google Images!

The next print out that I have is to compare BIG and Small! I am still debating if I will use this for my comparing sizes lesson coming up. Just click the image below. All the pictures are from Google Images!

 That is all I have for this moment. I have to some how squeeze in homework before class. Almost down one paper out of three that are due in one week. Stressful for sure. Honors Initiation is this weekend. That will be fun!

Until next time,


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Down Right Muddy!

   Well been overloaded with school. I have been trying to stay ahead and it has not been so easy. With Disney World quickly approaching I have to stop messing around and take advantage of all my time. I need to practice staying up late and getting up early. Ha! I am not sure if that will ever happen. I have been wanting to start back at my workouts, but when I attempt I am like crap I got to do something else. I also want time to stare at the TV without thinking too. I have to figure this out.

   What happen to me that was exciting was that I actually did Might Mud Dash. It is a 5K obstacle course that involves MUD AND MORE MUD. It was a lot of fun and I was able to do this with my sister in-law. I think this will be my new thing and my inspiration to getting back to working out. I am looking at the next big obstacles courses they have coming up in the new year to attend.

That is my daughter with her hands out. She hugged me and got covered in mud.

 This video was one of the last walls we had to endure. I did it with ease, surprisingly. The wall was covered in mud and it was very slippery. This was the great adventure I have been part of. Now it is time for school and all of the work.

 For a lesson that I will be teaching on Halloween, I am making a comparing size cut out book. I will post it as soon as I am finished. Hopefully today! I could not find any great books to compare sizes for Pre-K students. I want the students to be able to relate to the book and a lot of books I have found are not what I am looking for.

Until next time,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Background Info

I wanted to briefly show what I have done in September.

Yep, everything is almost highlighted off. I hate having things not highlighted. It eats away at me. I still need to do a Special Education Resource Binder and My Education Lab. In addition, I need to come up with all my classroom rules and take my first exam for my online Geology class. A lot will carry over into October, but I am ready. This is October at this moment.

October does not look bad, but it is only the second day of October. I had slacked one weekend and it was not because I chose to. Things came up where I felt like family was more important. I still made sure I watched my TEXANS. All school work stops while they play. So, I technically lost two days out of a week and it added so much stress to getting things done. I had two papers to write, a lesson to write and teach, and another lesson to write. Sounds easy but one of the papers were 12 pages long. I am waiting on grades for all my papers and lessons. I hope they are up to my instructors standards and that I do not disappoint myself. I currently have a 3.8 something GPA and I want to get at least a 3.9 when I graduate. I want to be in at least top 10 percent of my class. What an accomplishment that would be for me and for my life.

Here is a little background of me. I am a high school dropout, I never tell people that because I am too embarrassed, and I was a teen mom (I was 16). I was kicked out of my house living on my own taking care of a baby. The old saying goes, “A baby taking care of a baby.” I ended up getting my G.E.D. when my son was 1. By 18 I got a job working for a bank and met my husband. We ended up having a daughter and I was ready to do something with my life and get out of working for a bank. I got my cosmetology license and started cutting hair. I started working at SportClips, a men’s salon, and I was making $10 an hour and I received anywhere between $5 to $10 tips per cut. I was cutting an average of 21 cuts a day. I was making descent money, but I wouldn't make much more money and I was always gone from home. I decided to go back to school and I quit working. Getting my Associates Degree was my first step and as far as I thought I would go. I started community college and I just couldn't stop. A Bachelor’s Degree seemed reachable as soon as I was done with my second semester in community college. Now that I am about to get my Bachelor’s Degree my Master’s Degree does not seem like that big of a deal or hard to obtain.

That was a little background information about me. I know a lot of Principals and Superintendents would like to know where you have graduated from and year, but I do not share my G.E.D. story. I know it does not matter anymore because I have my associates and I am about to get my Bachelor’s. I just thought this was important to write for a strange reason tonight.

Until next time,

Side note read through my blog and needed to make some much needed grammar corrections. I suck at it. lol were or was that is the questions...haha