Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week Three Accomplished!!

It has been a crazy three weeks. My students have done such a great job with projects and with stations. I am so proud of them and they have so much to be excited about. It is shaping up to be a great year so far (knock on wood). 

We have been learning about place value up to the 999,999 and comparing up to the 100,000. We made these really neat riddle cards but they are to advance for most of my students. I may just use these as a warm-up and if they get them right, they can get a Pride Paw. It is an award system the school has as a whole and the students love it. 

In Science, we have been working with all things matter. 

Is it matter or non-matter. Most students got it. Plus, they decorated their pages. The students worked really well together. 
We also worked on mass. This is the start of what we will be working on in the upcoming week. Students received mystery items and had to be the balance scale and make a prediction on which was heavier. Then they balanced their items to see if they are correct. Monday we will actually weight our items with gram stackers. 
Another activity students had to do was classify matter. I had soft items,  rough items,  green items, etc. for students to classify. They did very well!
After we had classified matter, the students did sink or float with some of the same items they had classified. They really enjoyed this. Me too!!
Here are the students acting to be balance scales and writing down their prediction on how much they think their secret items weigh.  
One of my favorite activities is Number Talks. The students have learned 10 strings. They are not pros yet but thought it was time to introduce a new strategy, friendly numbers. Great job to them!!! I wish this one was on an anchor chart. 

I have learned a lot this week as well. I have learned that I am not perfect and I will never be perfect at teaching. I have gotten to know a lot of my students and know that a lot of them need some extra help. That is where I have been learning how to make effective stations. I currently have my small guided station, computer station, addition station, subtraction stations, and place value/comparing station. I need to find a way to make the place value/comparing station more fun. I found a really neat Math Boggle station on the TPT store that I will implement this week. It aligns perfectly with next weeks math unit. I will share pictures as they come. 

I have been writing lessons for my team and I try to make them as effective for my students as possible. It is hard to have every lesson to be hands on, fun, and group/partner work. Sometimes we have to just have a quiz. I need grades. Plus, it lets me see what they know. The problem I am facing right now is getting the students to read the questions. They are not looking to see what the questions are asking them to do. They just raise their hand and expect me to help them. Some students of course I need to read to but everyone? This is where I am in a pickle. So, I had them start to use question strategies. We need to start circling KEY WORDS!! Half do, the other half don't and some don't even show their work. I have to break this habit ASAP! Advice!?!?

I have been planning every weekend and I try to only plan one day or a couple of hours out of each day on the weekends. I do not want to get burnt out. I love to plan and find new ways or tweak things that would be more beneficial to my students. I love math foldables and the students do too. I allow them to use their foldables as help and a guide. That is why they are there and why I had them do it. 

Time for some planning and setting up my Math Boggle worksheets. 

Until next time,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It has been forever!

  It has been crazy crazy since school has started this year. I have officially survived two full weeks of teaching and planning. I absolutely love my school, students and co-workers. Here are a few pictures of what we/I have been doing.

These pictures are in order, almost. The lion is new and a new addition to my classroom and family. The picture of my desk is after one of the school days. Majority are in order of how the events in the beginning of the year happened. I have spent the past two weekends planning. This weekend I went over the beginning of the year assessment and it is subtraction time 2-digit and 3 digits by 1 and 2-digits. I have been making groups and now looking for a fun but effective reteaching ideas for subtraction.

I want to give away a freebie. It is division cards! I went up to 6x6. It starts from the 2s. I ended making multiplication cards too. I will upload those at another time since they are saved to my work computer. I use these as a station. The students use popsicle stick or tiles to help with counting. They fold their paper in fours and do four problems at this station. In each section they have to have ___ groups of ___, a picture, and repeated addition. Students love it. Here it is for you..... FREE!!! They format is the same for multiplication. If you want the editable version email me, or comment below! I will gladly give both to you for free!!
Click the picture for the division cards!

Here is the picture of what it will look like while students are working.
Time to get back to planning!

Until next time,