Friday, January 24, 2014

3rd Grade Fractions

It has been a while but that is the life of a first year teacher. Oh wait, the life of a first year teacher of a testing grade. I have enjoyed it so far. Let's move on.

Well, we have been doing fractions since the beginning of the 2014 year. This is the first time since I started teaching that I feel I have a hand in what I am teaching. Here are a few pictures...

I just love this anchor chart. I found it on Pinterest. I have used it everyday since I made it. The students are actually using it too. I have been pushing my students to use the anchor charts I have in the room. 

I also want to give a way a FREE fraction assessment (TEKS correlated 3.2C and 3.10A) that I made for my 3rd graders and FREE fraction practice cards you can use as warm-ups, a station, partner work, or whatever you decide to use them for. I have not used them yet in my class but will Monday. These are 3rd grade TEKS correlated (3.10A). My students love to have problems on strips of paper that they can paste on bright construction paper and solve. I will pick a handful of them and post them on my bulletin board along side their picture. They really love this!

Oh, did I mention that both are editable? You need to email me or comment with your email address for the editable version. I have the latest Microsoft so you may need to do some formatting adjustments. 

The fraction assessment - Fractions Assessment

Fractions on a number line cards - Fraction Cards

I hope that you enjoy these FREE items!

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*UPDATE* Here is the TPT store link to get your editable Fraction Cards! TPT - Fractions On A Number Line