Sunday, July 27, 2014


Well, I made a huge change this year. I am no longer working for the same district. :-( I happily moved to a district I live in and a school that I went to from kinder to the middle of 4th. In addition, my mom, dad, 2 uncles, sister, brother, great uncle and my kids went to. How neat is that? I will be teaching with some of my old teachers! Best part is I am 45 seconds away without traffic. haha. 1 minute and 30 seconds with traffic. 

I am teaching fourth grade, all inclusive. I am nervous about teaching reading and writing, but I have been doing research and signed up for some good trainings with the district. Plus, my bestie is an ELA teacher for 5th. She has been a huge help. 

I am excited about math this year. I bought a new iPad and I am going to try to get more donated to me for my classroom. I just think it is important to have in your classroom and for stations. I am going incorporate task cards this year and will be getting those ready soon. 

Now time for the freebies!!! 

This is similar to the Pride Paws I use to do at my old school. I will implement this as a normal classroom management. You cut out the owls into squares and then give as many as you see fit for good behavior and on getting right answers. Really, anytime you want. I will do a drawing at the end of the week for one student to get a prize. I got the pictures from   

This is going to be my transportation display. I am going to laminate them and add clothes pins to mark where students are. This will help with the beginning of the school year and for subs. I got the idea from Pinterest. I will cut them out and paste them on a bright color card stock paper. The big blank circle is my out line for the bright color card stock paper. I will show pictures this week as I make them. I will add ribbons to connect them. Below is the sample I got the idea from.

Click for the link to for the above website
These are free downloads. If the images are not working then leave a comment I will send you the document. 

Until next time,