Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Title and New Things!

If you did not notice or are new to me, I changed my blog title. I am no longer a 3rd grade teacher. I am looping with my students to  4th grade! I am extremely excited and cannot wait for the next school year to begin. 

The TEKs have changed for 4th and there is not a lot of material out there for these TEKs. I plan to create several items and I have already started taking notes of the new things to create. I have seen several things from Pinterest that I can add to stations or make for my students for review. I want to get a jump start on stations because I spent a lot of my time creating stations last year. Since I will not be teaching 3rd grade my old stations need to have a lot more rigor and meet the new standards.

I have also started Graduate school! I am studying Curriculum and Instruction. It will be really nice to say I have my Masters in the next year and a half. I am currently working on my philosophy of teaching ELLs and how it fits into my instructional setting. FUN! 

The end of my school year ended fantastically. I had a carnival theme for the end of year party and the students absolutely loved it! They also have no idea that I will be their teacher next year. I want to surprise them with a letter right before school starts. Wouldn't that be exciting? Some may not be thrilled. 

I wanted to give a heads up on me and I WILL be posting more throughout the summer with ideas and freebies. I need to update my current number lines by adding decimals and more rigor on the fractions. That is my first project of the summer!

Until next time,