Sunday, December 18, 2011

Busy Bees

     Semester is official over! I have been catching up on cleaning and still have so much more to do. My kids are not out of school as well and I have no idea what we can do for their break. I know things will develop as time passes.

     I want to speak a little about my Busy Bee Blog. I chose Busy Bee because that will be my room theme. I made a book about bees and also did a powerpoint that was surrounded by bees. There are so many things that can be done with bees such as, cute stories, slogans, and decorations. I will see if I can add my PPT to this blog. I had to pretend I had a class and was doing an open house for my parents. The schedule I made up, but I used my daughters schedule as a guide.  I think it came out pretty good. I got an A. So, I must have done it right.

    I want to talk about how I want to run my classroom, meaning student-directed or teacher-directed.  I will talk about that soon. Texans game is about to come on and I need to get things in order, like lunch. Until next time,


Edit: I was able to attach my PPT as a video in YouTube. Click this link. Each slide is about 10 seconds long. Busy Bee PPT video