Sunday, August 3, 2014

Task Cards and Organizing!

Well, I have not prepared as much as I wanted to. I have been really kicking booty on my Master's degree. I feel that is all I have done this summer. I have not had a chance to do much of anything else. I did complete my transportation display. 

I love it. I wanted to get another ribbon to put around it but it is cute the way it is. I have not done anything else. I have been buying slowly and I need to organize my books. I just do not know where to start really. 

I have bought some task cards for early finishers, math, reading and writing. I have an idea of how I want to incorporate them but I need to see how my new district wants instruction done. It seems that I have free range but I want to get with my team first. Here are some cards that I bought from the TpT store. 

I clearly cut, laminated and cut again over 150 cards. It is completely worth it. Some things that are on my to do list is 

1. Make math station rotations
2. Complete first day gifts - will take picture when they are completed. I am using french fry like containers and adding candy and a welcome label.
3. Make first day PPT over expectations and classroom rules
4. Organize my books for my library
5. Figure out how I am going to set up early finisher task card station.
6. Make stations

This is just some of the things. I still have not done nearly as much planning as I did last year. I really need to get on it. One more week then training and then school begins. I haven't even gotten my own kids clothes or supplies yet. I am really falling behind. Who knew adding school would add so much extra work. I need to get back into the routine of staying up late and getting up early. 

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