Sunday, February 23, 2014

Multitasking and Health

There has been a lot that I am trying to get involved in. I have been trying my best as a teacher 
Such as prepare for everyday and week. 
Plus, allow my creative side out. Doing bulletin boards really are an outlet for me. 

I am currently making a blanket for a friend. Trying to update my TELPAS training. In the process of motivating myself to workout. I have been eating healthy for a while. It's finding the energy to workout. So, I have been taking SPARK for that. Which leads me to 

My new adventure 
Yep, I am now a distributor. I am excited about this because I want to be able to make extra money and I use their products. Plus, this is the motivation I needed to get back in shape. Here is my direct site
Copy paste it. Link thing does not work on the iPhone, if so not sure how it works, new to iPhone. I ordered some new products and cannot wait to get them in. One I am really excited about is called catalyst. It's supposed to help you tone fast, feed your muscles, and help with muscle recovery. This is exactly what I needed. 

In addition, I found this amazing lady who does Zumba and is starting to make it big. Here is her link to her site. I have been doing her videos and they are perfect. Great motivation to get back into working out.

I am so ready for bed.

Until next time,

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